I am not a registered securities broker/dealer nor am I an investment adviser. I am not licensed to provide investment advice. Trading and investing involve substantial risk and financial loss is possible and very common. Always seek competent professional persons advice before investing or trading with your money. The information we discussed is not suitable to trade for everyone as everyone's investment risk tolerance is unique.

The use of the information I share should be based upon your own due diligence and judgment of how best to use the information and subsequently independently verified by a licensed broker, an investment advisor or a financial planner. In market trading, prior successes and past performance with regards to earnings and income are not indicative of potential future successes. There can be no guarantee or assurance of future success or performance and I will not be responsible for the success or failure of any individual or entity which implements the information or strategies they receive.

Trading can be extremely risky. Trading is not appropriate for someone with low-risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the funds you invest and as such one should not fund their trading account with their emergency fund, mortgage payment fund, retirement or funds set aside for the purpose of education or homeownership or funds required to meet your daily living expenses. In brief, you should not invest funds that you can not afford to lose.  All advice is subject to individual situations and financial fitness for individuals or institutions. Liability of loss is the sole responsibility of the person using this guide. Invest at your own risk.